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Album Artwork


SKOP is a twelve-man ska band from Elmshorn - for their latest album 'Ska'n'Roll' I was asked to do the album artwork, including a redesign of the logo. I transformed each member of the combo and all their instruments into fine little comic-characters. The intention was to pick up the individual style of the different personalities and their particular stage-outfits – it's all about the details!



from left to right & top down (below):


Dörthe - vocals

Michael - vocals / guitar

Felix - vocals

Tobi - sax

Michael - bass

Martin - sax

Johannes - drums

Petra - sax

Hartmut - trombone

Sonja - sax

Mr.J - guitar

Fabian - trumpet


A limited edition of DIN AO-posters with each character is planned, so you can get your favorite SKOP-buddy and hang it up in your home - or you collect them all and wallpaper your whole flat with it...



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