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Collectable Action Toy Figure


Now, what should I say? It's a superfat sneakers-, shirt- and sweatband-wearing deer with a 1,5'' display in its head and a remote control in its hand... Of course Your Deer is 100% handshaped an YOU decide whether it smiles at you or not! It is made from polyurethane resin and about 6,5'' tall.

'Oh my Deer' is a reminiscence to custom design toy figures. You can customize the figure once but you can create graphics for the display as often as you want - this way Your Deer can be customized again and again and again!


The display works like a digital photo frame, can be connected to your pc via USB and memorize up to 150 pics. The battery can also be charged via USB.

Once again big thanks to Daniel Schludi, his camera and the 'Medusa'! *~[o]~*
Oh my Deer - black edition
Detail: arms, head and shoes are movable - remote control accessory can be removed as well
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