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China-Vinyl Toy Figure / Illustrated book


This M.I.S. (Mind Incineration Suit) is a 100% handshaped, 3 inches tall toy figure and was designed and built during my exchange semester at the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in Beijing. By making this little cutie from finest bone china, I tried to show the analogies between collectable vinyl toys and classical porcelain collectables. Head and arms can be removed.

Its Dot-operator is made from polyurethan resin and hand-painted!

Take a look at the book and read the story about the M.I.S. and the Planet Dot below!




Pics shot by Daniel Schludi.


The M.I.S. was shaped and casted at the CAFA in Beijing. It was fired in Tangshan and is made from finest bone china - up to now there only exist three of them! The Dots are casted from resin and also handshaped.



Package Design

Excerpts from the book: 


Planet Dot & the M.I.S.

Far away, on a really extraordinary planet live the Dots. The Dots insistently always do the same thing, which mainly consists of hanging around together and watching the homeshopping channel and that's it.
This is all they ever do and the Dots could not be happier or unhappier about it and in fact, they don't really care.
In this context,  you have to know that the Dots form a collective that have given up any kind of verbal communication or talking. The fact that their planet, Planet Dot, is one of the most boring places in universe and is unbelievably empty and slick and clean, because never ever anything happens there, eventually has given them no reason to talk to each other.
Actually,  the Dots' only form of expressing their thoughts is by materializing characters above their heads, which, after they have been 'thought' and maybe read by other Dots, fall to the ground and remain there as litter, which pollutes their shiny little planet.
Fortunately, there is no reason for them to think at all, so the Planet Dot will always be nice and clean, and there is no reason to worry about anything for the Dots.
Anyhow, the danger of a chain reaction of 'mass thinking polution' is an omnipresent threat that should not be underestimated, but still cannot bother the Dots, since they just don't think about it.
All of this might sound like a mighty boring and dissatisfying way of life but this was the way things went for the Dots, until one day...
one of them... burped.
Or rather materialized the word 'BURRRP.'...  
...and one by one the Dots started laughing. It began with a tiny little giggle and rose up to an enormous roar of pure pleasure und happiness. In fact, you couldn't hear a word, but a massive cloud of 'HEHEHE!'s and 'HAHAHA!'s and 'HUHUHU!'s materialized above the Dots' heads and swelled to a dark, menacing clutter of black characters and exclamation marks.

When the Dots finally realized their big mistake, it was already too late and they could only stand helplessly, frozen with horror and fear watching the cloud. And, forced by their own weight, the characters started to crackle down. And soon the Dots' planet was awfully polluted and the ground covered with characters, and the Dots stood waist-deep in that mess and it was horrible to them.
A sad and dark time came over the Planet Dot and the Dots suffered under the weight of the characters that lay around everywhere, and they tried to think about how to get rid of them, but that only produced more characters and made everything even worse and really formed mountains and mountains of characters.
Finally, after nerve-wracking, character-producing discussions the Dots desperately decided to put together all their money, which made 4,23$ altogether and bought an M.I.S. (Mind Incineration Suit) from the homeshopping channel, which is the only channel the Dots ever watch, because it is unnecessary to think about anything while watching the homeshopping channel, and that's what the Dots normally do.
After days of waiting and suffering and hanging around in filthy character mountains, watching the homeshopping channel, eventually a huge wooden box was delivered with 'HANDLE WITH CARE' and 'M.I.S. INSIDE' signs on it and the Dots stood in front of it marvelling, for it was the first time they had ever ordered anything from the homeshopping channel or even received a box.   
They opened the box and shovelled away some filling material and there it was: big, white, shiny, with an enormous head with laser shooting power glasses on it. It even had arms...
The Dots loved it.
The M.I.S. was exactly like the homeshopping channel had promised -it was worth every single cent the Dots had spent on it, and it came with a guarantee of two years. The number 1 Dot climbed into it, put on the helmet and with slow, smooth movements started to climb a small hill of characters that had just emerged from the amazed 'OOHHH!' the Dots had thought when the box opened. The light was reflected off the shiny armour-like suit, and the Dots looked at it with shivering respect and admiration, and the dark clouds opened wide, and the Dots were dazed by the beauty and the spotless cleanliness of the mighty M.I.S..
And then the M.I.S. started working, and blazing laser beams shot from the power glasses and burned the character mountains and smoke arose from them and the lazer beams cut through the characters like a merciless flashing blade of desinfecting hope.
Soon the planet was clean again and the Dots stood in front of the M.I.S. and looked at it, totally overwhelmed by the power and perfection they just witnessed, and after a short period of silent admiration they burst into a huge jubilation and produced big amounts of 'YEEHAAA!'s above their heads, but before the characters could fall down again, once more the M.I.S.'s laser shooting glasses flashed and melted every single character and none of them fell to the ground and the Planet Dot stayed clean and nice.
From this day on, the Dots were free to think about whatever they wanted and didn't have to worry about character pollution any longer because the M.I.S. would clean up the useless characters after them. And they worshipped the M.I.S. and thought about a lot of stuff and also worshipped the homeshopping channel (and finally turned on the sound). That has brought freedom of thinking back to them in the end, and they live on happily ever after, far away on their really extraordinary and clean Planet Dot.

The End.

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