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Grpahic Novel


This graphic novel took me about one year of work and consists of 115 hand-drawn, hand-lettered pages. The idea of making a comic-book, as well as the very first scribbles and drafts of the story, came up already a couple of years ago. I worked on this project time and time again, since in 2010 I finally had the opportunity to fully concentrate on this book by making it my diploma-project at the HfG-Karlsruhe.

The story is based on a range of different theories from the fields of brain research, artificial intelligence, psychology and parasitology. You can read a short summary below.

The brain researcher and parasitologist Doctor Frederik Milkwich awakes, floating in an unknown, monochrome dimension. Unable to remember how he arrived there, or where he acutally came from, Milkwich starts his search for answers in the Neuronal Dimension.

Being a scientist, he astonishingly identifies a colossal piece of the human brain, a limbic system, growing in the center of the strange dimension. He manages to land on its surface.

Desperately, Milkwich tries to remember which disastrous incidence may have taken him to this place, when a chameleon occurs and offers help. By licking a secretion from the ominous reptile's back, Milkwich receives insight to fragments of his memory. The scenes that he gets to see and the ongoing events on the surface of the limbic system are slowly making him doubt his own sanity.

Kidnapped by a rotten gang of monkeys and their highly agressive king, threatened by a giant mantis and her swarm of roaches, Milkwich gets closer and closer to the truth about the Neuronal Dimension - a truth, that finally horrifies him and curdles his blood.







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