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Collectable Action Toy Figure


The 'BOMPs°oO' are 4 inches high and each one is individually sprinkled with black paint all-over. Each figure comes in a handmade, screenprinted box. Of course they are 100% handshaped and made from polyurethane resin - heads, feed and guns are removable.


Exclusively for the Berlin-based Intoxicated Demons Gallery, a second run of the black & white edition has been made, which has been exhibited at the STROKE.02 this year in Munich.

Besides the very limited black & white edition, there also exist single handpainted pieces, such as a 'camouflage-BOMP°oO' and a 'glow-in-the-dark-BOMP°oO'.



Exclusively for the Intoxicated Demons Gallery 9 brand-new 'BOMPS°oO' just popped out of the mould, ready to be sold at the STROKE.02 in Munich. Each 'BOMP°oO' comes in a new designed, handmade, screenprinted and carefully cushioned box.




Three 'BOMPS°oO' - b/w - prototypes


Package design - concept box

The box can be opened and shows a scenerie in which the 'BOMP°oO' fights a creepy electrobug to milk it... RRRRRRRRRR!! Real vinyl-toy-fanatics often don't even unpack their pieces - this package allows you to keep your treasures safe but visible! 


Creepy electrobug poster

Besides the black&white edition, there also exist single, handpainted pieces, as well as pieces made from different material like the 'camouflage-BOMP°oO' below or a 'glow-in-the-dark-BOMP°oO'.


Black edition


'Camouflage-BOMP°oO' - detail

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